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 Horror Atmosphere Wallpaper Contest!

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PostSubject: Horror Atmosphere Wallpaper Contest!   Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:47 pm


That's right, this is a art contest.


- It must be 100% originally made by yourself not any edited picture AND not something scary.

- It must be something that shows a dark place, some scary atmosphere where something happened there a while ago, how it usually happens in games at the beginning when the player sees only scene of a massacre or something less that give u an idea of what could have happened there.

- Only ONE wallpaper per member.

- I will also participate to this contest BUT I will give one price to the one who makes the best one.

- Post it in the created art section for this contest.

- High resolution are recommended because it would look much better one more resolutions Very Happy , than a small image that can't even be added as a wallpaper because of its size.

- The contest will end Saturday

- Prize: V.I.P. Rank.

Good luck Wink
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Horror Atmosphere Wallpaper Contest!
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